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Shotgate and Maylandsea

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Two evening talks, which isn’t the majority these days. It’s a shame that so many clubs just didn’t restart after the pandemic and of course many changed to the afternoon; thus restricting attendance. Of those that have restarted, many claim to have lost a lot of members. The route to Shotgate seemed unending with so many roundabouts that I lost count. I distinctly had the feeling that I had gone round a roundabout and back the way that I came. Satnavs are all very well but I do really like a map. It was a very pleasant evening attended by a relatively small membership. In fact, when I asked the speaker secretary “Where’s the Ladies?” her reply of “I’m sorry, we’ve lost a lot of members” made those who heard her, and me, laugh. I just wanted the loo!

Maylandsea is fair old schlep for anyone; out onto the Dengie Peninsula and the winding lanes. But, I had a wonderful welcome. The speaker secretary was like a “warm up act”. In fact I opened with “Follow that Marion!” They were a really amusing, amused, and responsive audience. You can’t ask for more. It was 2016 when an audience member last tried on a costume, but last night the speaker seeker really entered into the spirit of “It Won’t Show on Stage”.