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2024 – off to a slow start.

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The year of talks got off to a slow start. My first talk of the year was to Linford WI on the 1st February. 3rd time lucky. I was booked to talk in 2020 but had a hip replaced instead, then a period of ill health led me to cancel for a second time. 1st February wasn’t exactly a good date for me but I felt that I couldn’t possibly cancel for a 3rd time. A small group, depleted that day by sickness, but lovely women who were very interested in what I had to say.

The yesterday my second talk of the year in Enfield. I had an errand to run in Park Royal and decided that as Enfield was half way there I’d go to Park Royal first, before my talk. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Atrocious weather, flooded roads, and queues on the A406 made it an awful trip.

I was more than happy to have arrived at Enfield for the talk and was greeted by a wall of noise from the large and friendly group of women. The speaker secretary was particularly interested in my talk; it brought back many happy memories for her of her husband and her own time performing. A dressmaker in the audience was also very interested in my costume making “skills”. Perhaps I’ll be invited back to talk about costumes.